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The Line of Shisong

di Pierpaolo Garibaldi
Categoria: Saggi letterari
ISBN: 978-88-5516-735-2
Prezzo: € 25,00
In offerta: € 17,50
Anno: 2021

The three little patients were in intensive care. There was total silence. I could hardly believe I was in Central Africa, in the heart of the Dark Continent. I could have been in San Donato Milanese, in a Swiss clinic or at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. And I was really moved in seeing how tenderly the ten doctors and nurses were tending to the three children. I pointed this out to Sr Ruth, the night nurse who had visited me and Liliana several times during her training in San Donato a decade ago. She answered me with a smile. “It happens every time”. And then she whispered – very quiet...